Himalaya-coverThe Himalaya are world-renowned for their exquisite mountain scenery, ancient traditions, and diverse ethnic groups that tenaciously inhabit this harsh yet sublime landscape. Home to the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest, and some of its deepest gorges, the region is a trove of biological and cultural diversity. Providing a panoramic overview of contemporary land and life in the Earth’s highest mountains, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya is the first full-color, comprehensive atlas of the geography, economics, politics, and culture of this spectacular area. Drawing from the authors’ twenty-five years of scholarship and field experience in the region, the volume contains a stunning and unique collection of maps utilizing state-of-the-art cartography, exquisite photography, and engagingly-written text to give accurate coverage of the Himalaya. The volume covers the entire 2,700-kilometer length of the mountain range, from the Indus Valley in northern Pakistan and India, across Nepal and Bhutan, to the hidden realms of northeast India. The Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya not only offers detailed explanations of geological formations, climate, vegetation, and natural resources but also explores the human dimension of the region’s culture and economy. The authors devote special attention to discovery and travel, including exploration, mountaineering, and trekking. Packed with over 300 easy-to-read, custom designed full color maps and photographs and detailed text and map indexes, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya is a superb collector’s volume and an essential reference to this vast and complex mountain region

An overview of the geography, economics, politics and culture of the region, the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya by David Zurick and Julsun Pacheco, is a full-colour, comprehensive atlas of contemporary land and life in the Earth’s highest mountain range. The volume contains a unique collection of informative maps based on state-of-the-art cartography, which the authors have generously allowed Digital Himalaya to host online. We are very grateful to the authors for deciding to distribute a number of these maps for free public download and use. Zurick and Pacheco only request that when they are used, the source be properly credited as the Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya.

David Zurick. Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 2006

The maps included in the Atlas explained as follow:

Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya: Maps
1-referencelegend Refence Legend 45kb
2-referencegrid2 Reference Grid 115kb
3-himaldistrict Districts of the Himalayas 229kb
4-newregionalicimod0 New Regional ICIMOD 479kb
4A-earth Earth 6 MB
5-abcCOLOR Overview Colour 918kb
6-a1x-new Western Himalayas 315kb
7-b1new328 Nepal 266kb
8-c1-new Eastern Himalayas 291kb
9-kathmanduvalleynew Kathmandu Valley 270kb
9A-kathmandu1 Kathmandu Roads 762kb
10-srinagar2 Srinagar City 86kb
11-kashmir3 Kashmir Valley 221kb
12-pokharavalley Pokhara Valley 184kb
13-pokharacity Pokhara Town 115kb
14-paro2 Paro Valley 61kb
15-thimphu Thimphu Valley 57kb
16-bumthang Bumthang 74kb
17-gangtok Gangtok 66kb
18-shimlacity Shimla Town 61kb
19-dehradun Dehra Dun Town 57kb
20-biratnagar Biratnagar Town 139kb
21-nepalganj Nepalganj 102kb
22-nepal_inset Nepal 45kb
23-geochronology Continental drift 442kb
23A-perspective Perspective from space 8 MB
24-himalayanasa Himalaya NASA 807kb
24A-zanskarladakh2 Zanskar Range 135kb
25-everprofile Everest Profile 70kb
26-convergence Convergence 299kb
27-generalizedgeology Generalized Geology 426kb
28-geolkashmirvalley Geology of the Kashmir Valley 156kb
29-kumaun Kumaun 270kb
30-nepalgeolx Nepal Geology 102kb
31-geobhutan Geology of Bhutan 168kb
32-meantemp Mean Temperature 98kb
33-hkhclimate HKH Climate 143kb
34-ladakhwinter Ladakh Winter Precipitation 143kb
35-ladakhMONSOON Ladakh Monsoon Precipitation 147kb
36-WINTERprecipwest1 Western Himalayan Winter Precipitation 119kb
37-MONSOONprecipwest Western Himalayan Monsoon Precipitation 119kb
38-nepaltemp Temperature 823kb
39-nepalhumidity Humidity 66kb
40-summermonsoon Summer Monsoon 37kb
41-monsooncirculation Monsoon Circulation 86kb
42-meanannualrainfall Mean Annual Rainfall 82kb
43-NEPALMANN Nepal annual precipitation 147kb
44-PMEXT Nepal extreme precipitation 147kb
45-PMMON Nepal monsoon precipitation 156kb
46-annualprecip Annual Precipitation 487kb
47-BHUTANPRECIP Bhutan Precipitation 57kb
48-probabilistic2 Probability of Seismic Hazard 197kb
49-nepalseismicrisk Seismic Risk 373kb
50-geolscanepicenter Earthquake Epicenters 741kb
51-earthquakerupture Earthquake Rupture 270kb
52-pokhazard Subsidence hazard 147kb
52A-SOILerosivity Soil Erosivity 119kb
53-culturalregion Cultural Regions 70kb
54-traderoute_color Trade Route 233kb
54B-liquifaction Liquifaction 2.3 MB
55-popdens_color Population Density 365kb
56-popchg_color Population Change 205kb
57-nepalethnicgroups Ethnic Groups 332kb
57A-ethnicgroup Ethnic Groups 2 2 MB
58-nepallinguistic Linguistic Map 295kb
59-nepalhindu3 Hindu Population 651kb
60-nepalmuslim2 Muslim Population 680kb
61-nepalbuddhist2 Buddhist Population 623kb
62-tribalpop Tribal Population 225kb
63-urbanpop Urban Population 225kb
64-town_india Number of Towns 147kb
65-northeasttown Northeast Towns 49kb
66-roads_color Roads 119kb
67-nepal_road Roads in Nepal 115kb
68-nepalairport1 Airports 197kb
69-bhutantelephone Bhutan Telephone 37kb
70-perlandlessfarmhousehold Farm Households 254kb
71-bhutaneducfacility Bhutan Education Facilities 135kb
71A-literacyrate Literacy Rate 123kb
72-accesspotablewater Water Access 627kb
73-waterqualitykv Water Quality 168kb
74-bhutanhealthfacilities Bhutan Health Facilities 98kb
75-landscape_color Landscape 127kb
76-elevationzone Elevation 156kb
77-hkh_LANDUSe Land Use 164kb
78-hkh_soilfinal Soil 217kb
79-hkh_cropsys Crop System 123kb
80-popfarm_color Farming Population 197kb
81-farmchgcolor Farming Changes 188kb
82-cultivatedarea Cultivated Areas 631kb
83-percentirrigatedarea Irrigated Areas 623kb
84-percentslope Slope Percentage 635kb
85-useofchemfert Use of Fertiliser 655kb
86-grassland Grassland 573kb
87-forestcov_col Forests 82kb
88-percapitaforestarea Forest Area Per Capita 365kb
89-forestchange_terai Forest Change 541kb
90-popforest_col Forest Population 188kb
91-forestchgcolor Forest Change 184kb
92-bhutanfw Bhutan fuelwood deficits 57kb
93-NEP_MINERALDEPOSIT Mineral Deposit 250kb
94-BHU_MINERALDEPOSIT Mineral Deposit 2 111kb
95-rivers_col Rivers 78kb
96-river_inset Rivers Inset 164kb
97-kosi_river Kosi River 106kb
98-nepdam Dams 172kb
99-nepal_glacier_2f Glaciers 934kb
99A-nepalhydropower Hydro Power 213kb
100-bhutanglaciers Bhutan Glaciers 750kb
101-chitwan-rhinohabitat Rhino Habitat 217kb
102-chitwanpopdensity Chitwan Population Density 49kb
103-parks_col Parks 123kb
104-PROTECT Parks and Reserves 221kb
105-bhutanprotectedareas Bhutan Protection Areas 102kb
106-terai_arc Protected Areas 70kb
107-hinduplaces Hindu Places 164kb
108-chardham Chardham 221kb
109-muktinath Muktinath 168kb
110-explorationchinese Chinese Exploration 172kb
111-explorationEuropeans European Exploration 233kb
112-ROUTEEASTCENTRAL East Central Route 287kb
113-EXPLROUTEWESTHIMAL West Himalayan Route 229kb
114-nativeindiantibet Indians in Tibet 180kb
115-newjohnclaude Bhutan 160kb
116-asia-early-explorer Asia Early Exploration 213kb
117-srtm-nangaparbat Nangaparbat 193kb
118-k2strmbase2 K2 Base 156kb
119-srtm-mteverest1 Mt Everest 135kb
120-srtm-chooyu2 Chooyu 2 98kb
121-srtm-MAKALU Makalu 90kb
122-explo-anapor-treknasa Annapurna Trek / NASA Exploration 250kb
123-mteverest-trek2 Mt Everest Trek 2 160kb
124-TREKKINGlocator Trekking Locator 238kb


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